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We are ready to assist you!

Financial Haven, Inc is a 501c3 non-profit organization and a member of Financial Counseling Association of America.  We are ready to assist you with your financial goals and homeownership needs. We are active in our community with a passion for educating and empowering individuals in their finances.

Free Credit Counseling

Financial Haven, Inc has a strong focus on financial wellness. Our compassionate financial coaches are here to talk with you. We help clients understand their financial situation and goals, debt management options, and goal-setting sessions. Clients can attend virtual and/or in-person sessions.  Schedule your session

Representative Payee Program

Our Representative Payee Program is designed to aid senior citizens, individuals with disabilities, and veterans who have been deemed to be medically, mentally or physically incapable of managing their own federal benefits.Click to email and request an  Intake Form

Student Loan Counseling

If you need guidance with your student loans, then this program is for you. Speak to one of our educated counselors about options to manage your student loans more effectively. We can also help you get setup on a plan that works for you!

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Housing Counseling

Financial Haven, Inc provides housing counseling for various stages of the homeownership process.

Types of housing counseling

Money B.A.G Financial Coaching Program -[Budgeting.Accountability. Goal-Setting]

Our Money B.A.G  Coaching program is a uniques six month program designed to educate, address negative financial learned patterns, and get a hold of your credit. This includes monthly personalized session with your assigned financial coach on credit management, budgeting, savings, and financial management. We help you dispute inaccuracies on your credit report, build positive credit history, and reach your financial goals. Our average participant has increased their credit score 40-100 points. Fee Based on income. (Fee waivers available)

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Financial Literacy Workshops

Financial Haven, Inc offers financial literacy workshops in the communities on various topics which includes budgeting, savings, student loans, credit, etc. Some example of organizations we have worked with in the past include churches, employers, and community organizations.

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What our customers are saying

I’m so elated with the service I received from Financial Haven. I wanted to put a handle on my credit, and this company did that and much more. Speaking with the owner helped me get exactly what my family and I desired. Of course, I followed all the necessary steps that was given to reach the goal I wanted. #stopsayingineedit and #startdoingit Our credit awaits us!!!


Ashlee did an amazing job with my credit situation and got my score up by 100 ! She answered every question and also provided tips to monitor and maintain my credit for the future!


Money B.A.G Coaching & Credit Management Program

For those who need a personalized coaching program to meet financial goals 

Average score improvement 60-90 points in first 90 days

Monthly Service (Fee adjustment available depending on income)


Per Month

6 Month Program

Monthly Session with Financial Coach 

(Topics include Budgeting, Banking, Credit Management, Life Insurance, Retirement/Investing)

Credit Monitoring/Improvement 


Personalized Coaching Plan

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