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How to enjoy better finances

Financial Haven is a safe place for your financial needs. When you participate in our learning sessions, you will become educated on maintaining better finances. 

01 Register for a group education session

At your session, please have available basic information to organize and review during your session. Please have available a list of your current expenses such as rent/mortgage payment, utilities, grocery expense, cell/house phone bills, loan payment, credit card payments, and any other regular recurring bills.

02 Planning Session

Your host will be walking the entire group through establishing a plan to organize income and expenses(bills, debt, etc.) Please gather any recent pay-stubs for you and/or your spouse so you can setup your plan while at the session. Also, if you have any credit card statements, that will be helpful to bring as well.

03 Budgeting Plan

We will discuss your budget, debt to income, and spending habits. We will come up with a plan to assist you in managing your finances and reaching your financial goals.

04 Managing Finances

Gaining control of your finances almost always allows you to qualify for lower interest rates, and lower finance charges on credit card balances and loans. The less money you have to pay in interest, the quicker you'll pay off the debt and that leaves more money you have for other expenses .

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