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Pre-Purchase Counseling

Is the loan process confusing or you're concerned about being approved? Whatever it is, Financial Haven is here to help. Schedule a time to meet with a pre-purchase housing counselor which can help you with selecting a lender real estate agent, housing price range, down payment assistance programs, closing costs assistance, getting a home inspection, and what to expect at a closing.We partner to provide an online first time homebuyer course to give an overview of the home-buying process and steps to approval. 

Home Buyer Workshop Curriculum:

Determine How Much You Can Afford To Spend

Analyze How You Manage Money

Work on Your Credit

Find a Loan and Get Pre-approved

Select Your Loan

Decide What Kind of Home You Want

Shop for a Home

Make an Offer

Get a Professional Home Inspection

Get Your Loan Approved

Manage the Escrow Process

Close the Loan

Move in to your new home

Protect Your Investment

If you need specific coaching when it comes to credit management or finances, check out our financial coaching program here.

Check our first time homebuyer workshops here

Post-Purchase Counseling

Even after the home-buying process, we can continue to support your homeownership journey. If you need additional support to maintain your spending plan, housing repairs, and/or refinancing, reach out to a certified housing counselor today. Counselors can also discuss avoiding default and foreclosure. Contact us today!